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Intellectual Property
All rights in the website and its contents including information and illustrations are owned by COFACE MAGHREB SERVICES and are protected under Intellectual Property Moroccan law (Dahir n°1-00-20 du 15 février 2000 promulgating law n°2-00 related to author’s rights and under law n° 17-97 related to industrial property) and applicable international conventions related to intellectual property.
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Copies, dissemination of the website information are only authorized for your own use, otherwise the information may not be reproduced, stored in any way (including in any other website) unless the prior written permission of COFACE MAGHEB SERVICES is given. Copies and dissemination of the information should indicate the source and the author of the disseminated information. 
If COFACE MAGHREB SERVICES provides links to other websites, COFACE MAGHREB SERVICES does so for information only. The use of such links is entirely at your own risk and Coface accepts no liability for the content or use of such websites or for the information contained on the websites.
COFACE MAGHREB SERVICES will not be liable for any indirect losses/damages such as financial or commercial losses, loss of profits, losses of data, losses or claims arising from a third party against a webuser of this website or any kind of information resulting from this website.
Data Protection
In compliance with law n°09-08 related to protection of individuals with regards to personal data processing, COFACE MAGHREB SERVICES informs that navigating and answers to the questionnaires provided by the website mean that you agree to personal data processing. 
Answers to questionnaires provided by the website of COFACE MAGHREB will be provided to the other entities of the COFACE group in order to provide you information related to the products of COFACE and to improve its commercial offers. During the navigation of the website, cookies can be installed and register information in order to facilitate the navigation in the website.
Through navigation of the website and the provision of answers to the questionnaires of COFACE MAGHREB SERVICES, you agree that your personal data are exclusively transmitted to other entities of COFACE group in the world.
COFACE MAGHREB SERVICES informs that the answers to the questions marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
With regards to law n°09-08 related to individuals with regards to personal data processing, you are provided with access, modification and opposition rights to the data that were collected. Access, modification and opposition rights may be used contacting:
To receive identification numbers of the receipt of the mandatory notification of personal data processing please send an email to
To receive identification numbers of the receipt of the authorization of personal data processing please send an email to
Governing law
These terms and conditions and your use of the site are governed by Moroccan law. Disputes arising out of these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Moroccan courts.
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