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Recover my debts

Receivables management is closely related to credit insurance and business information.
Indeed, an effective debt management, coupled with quality information are key elements to significantly reduce the arrears and late payments.
Assessing the commercial and financial behavior of your customers, continuously monitoring their evolution, knowing all the local regulations and practices regarding payment and collection is a specialist business.
Whether your debts are insured or not, you can call on Coface to recover your debts.
Our global network and local legal experts are at your service.
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Four good reasons to use the services of Coface debt collection:
  • A network of international and local experts
  • Remuneration by way of Success Fees
  • You keep your good business relationships by transferring relationship with your debtor to us.
  • Management tools online to track your files
Recover my debts
Insights from a Coface expert in Morocco
A Moroccan exporter is faced with a non-payment from one of its customers in Gabon.
Unfamiliar with local rules and practices, the management of the company is not sure it can recover the debt.
The Moroccan exporter decides to entrust Coface Morocco with the task of the debt collection.
Morocco Coface transmits the case to Gabon who carries out an analysis of the debt and contact the debtor locally for the establishment of a payment plan without recourse to court.


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