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The pre-judicial recovery:
  • We analyze the debt and the debtor (its creditworthiness, payment habits ...)
  • We send reminders: escalation of rhetoric and its intensity
  • We Require full payment or negotiate a settlement plan with immediate advance payment
  • We survey the relevance of disputes raised
  • For trade receivables, We make a visit to the debtor to
  • Establish Contact
  • Accelerate collections
  • Analyze direct causes of non-payment and gather new information.
We will send you a diagnosis of the trade debt :
  • Evaluation of the results of the pre-trial phase
  • Our opinion on the possibility of a judicial phase depending on the debt amount, the debtor and the documents
  • The potential procedure
  • Depending on your decision, we undertake or not the court proceedings
The Judicial recovery:
  • Our goal is to get the court's decision and recover the money you owe the faster
  • If you give us your consent, whether your debt is with a Moroccan or foreign trader, we urge the judicial recovery:
  • We choose the most qualified among lawyers and bailiffs of the corresponding network
  • We carry out the appropriate procedure
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